EVANSBURG FAMILY CLOTHING - You will be suprised!

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our focus is casual and western wear, but we delve into practical and functional dress clothes.
Many of our styles come in OVERSIZE.
Following is a brief synopsis of the clothes we carry in the mens' department
FOX-We have a huge selection of hoodies, tees, hats and fashions from FOX Canada
  • WRANGLER- jeans, dress pants, and shirts
  • MWG-long and short sleeve value priced shirts, denim welders snap front shirts
  • MWG-jeans, stretch denim in blue and black, lined/unlined jean jackets
  • TOUGH DUCK jeans, denim shirts, lined and unlined jackets, flannel snap front shirts, quilted shirts
  • THUNDER CREEK-stretch denim made in Saskatchewan!
  • PIER CONNECTION-cotton shirts in a myriad of colors
  • OUTBACK TRADING-oilskin jackets and hats
  • MAJOR IMPORTS-wallets, bandanas, buckles, belts
  • SIDRAN-western suit coats
  • PARAGON-quality wool blend 2 piece suits
  • LEO CHEVALIER-dress shirts, ties, sweaters
  • CANADAY-quality wool blend dress pants
  • SERGIO--Fine quality sweaters
  • McGREGOR-quality dress socks
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